Elderly Foster Care

Elderly foster care from a dedicated team in Oahu, HI

Nightingale Case Management offers a range of elderly foster care services that can make your life easier to manage, while also offering quality, compassionate care to your loved one. 

Our company can help manage and oversee the care of a number of conditions, including diabetes, incontinence, Alzheimer's, dementia, and more. We work with more than 150 licensed and certified facilities across the island of Oahu, so we promise to find the right location for every patient. We work hard to ensure that patients are placed in caring, comfortable environments.

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange for a free consultation and patient assessment, our team is ready and waiting to help.

Alzheimer's & Dementia

For Alzheimer's and dementia cases, we offer:
  • 24/7 licensed supervision 
  • Assistance in finding gated homes, which will prevent dangerous wandering 
  • Monitoring by both social worker and RN 
  • Help finding a geriatrician / psychiatrist if needed
woman who needs elderly foster care in Oahu, HI

Bed or Wheelchair-bound

Elderly foster care can be particularly important for patients who can't get around on their own. Our caregivers are trained to:
  • Change positions every 2 hours 
  • Order specialty mattress if needed 
  • Order heel protectors if needed 
  • Order special cushions if needed
senior who needs elderly foster care in Oahu, HI


Proper management of diabetes can prevent unnecessary complications! Aiea's Nightingale Case Management ensures that RNs provide diabetes education to all caregivers, such as:
  • Blood sugar monitoring 
  • Insulin administration 
  • Interventions for hypo/hyperglycemia
elderly foster care professional at work in Oahu, HI


Call us if your loved one needs case monitoring for incontinence. Our caregivers are trained to provide:
  • Diaper checks every 2 hours 
  • Order incontinent supplies / home delivery 
  • Timed toilet training encouraged to prevent incontinence

Tube Feeding

Even for the most difficult cases, our elderly foster care team can help. For tube feeding, we have RN-educated caregivers who offer:
  • Medication administration through G-tube 
  • Dressing change and site care

Wound & Hospice Care

Our elderly foster care team can arrange for specialized wound care, from an RN if needed, and provides complete caregiver training on wound care and skin breakdown prevention.
Our hospice care offers 24-hour comfort care, monitored by both case management RNs and hospice RNs.
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